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We understand our client’s goals and work diligently to capture the significant value they have created in their business.  Because the process is often complicated and time consuming, we do the work, so our clients can focus on running their businesses.

Consultation: The primary goal is to confidentially learn about and align on your goals.  We ensure understanding of the M&A process and the marketplace in order to help prepare the business and the owner for the complexity of a transition.

The 3 Phases:

  • Assessment – Understanding business value in the marketplace and the likely net proceeds of various transaction alternatives.

  • Marketing – Confidentiality and transparency are critically important.  Our proprietary process is customized for each engagement with the goal of finding the right fit at the greatest value for the seller.

  • Deal Making – Getting to the closing table.  Due diligence is important for both parties and final agreement execution ensures the parties are aligned on what they have agreed to and the go forward plan.

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